Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Prizes for AW Contest Announced

Just in case you missed it elsewhere.

Guidelines now with Prize List

A surprise in those prizes. Want to peek? Go ahead.

Make your day.

Peace & Love

SNM March Issue is LIVE!

My first month of selections at SNM was not without its issues... I am just learning the game and how everything works, and February was a short month.

Despite that, we have an incredible issue for you. March Marionettes (clickables) is the theme this month, and I would say I couldn't have picked better stories myself, but I did pick them myself. I hope I did the magazine justice.

In this month's lineup we have...

Unconditional Love – Diane Arrella

The Finger Gave Itself – Nik Houser

Apart at the Seams – Sealey Andrews

Long Shadows – R.S. Pyne

Melinda – John Barnes

Daddy – Aaron Dries

Jax – Hayley Bernard

Stitches – A.J. Madden

Puppet Dreams – Steven Marshall - SNM Short Stories

SNM Dark Poetry Hosted by Kerry Morgan

And guys, don't forget to check out our Goth girls section!

SNM featured Goth Covergirl: Emma Ink

And remember that Shadowcast Audio is now doing podcasts of our stories of the month every so often, so keep a check back to see who will be featured next.

Enjoy the issue, and remember to leave comments for the authors on SNM's reader's guestbook.

Also, I'd love to hear from you about how I did with the selections this month. This is all about the readers. Reviews, comments... anything, please send it to me via my contact info on this blog, which can be found on my "Contact Me" page.

Enjoy the issue.

Whips & Spells,

And always Peace & Love,