There are many writers out there trying to make it. I'm one of them.

I grew up in a small, nameless little community in the Appalachian Mountains that are still my first love and home. Wandering these ancient hills has fed my imagination and spurred on my tall-tales.
I started telling stories as a very little girl; making up this or that, mostly outrageous adventures with me as the hero. I told my first story to a non-family member at the tender age of five. I eventually started to pen down my little stories, and by age twelve, I had finished my first novella. Every story I've written since then, both good and bad, has continued those adventures in new and exciting ways. I found my niche in horror and, although my stories do not always turn out spectacular or great, I manage to put out a good one every once in a while. It doesn't matter. I am happy with my stories, good bad and ugly--even those I wrote years ago and barely remember.

Now, nearing thirty and with three children, I struggle to make my mark in a tough business. I'd have it no other way. It's a journey, as are all things in life. This blog is a mish-mash of my personal experiences as a mother and a writer, from an unpublished unknown to a published unknown. This is my journey from then to now. Thanks for joining me on the adventure.