Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dusk and Summer by Joseph Pinto - A Review

Hello fiends.

Today we are not talking horror. I know. Perfectly awful of me, is it not?

No, today we are talking pain and sorrow, yes, but not horror. Today we speak of grief, of cancer, and how one man's brush with those things inspired him to write for a cause.

"DUSK AND SUMMER", a novella by horror author Joseph Pinto, is an emotional journey of one man who seeks to complete a single, seemingly innocuous task for his dying father.

This story is an emotionally charged and suspenseful tale of the love between father and son and the lengths that love can drive them to.

Within the story, you can hear Mr. Pinto's horror roots in the prose; you can feel it the words. This lends the story a somewhat eerie and foreboding feeling that is never quite eradicated to satisfaction. I did get the feel of a horror tale and this story was not. This left me somewhat disgruntled by the end on the first read. However, when I read this novella the second time, I felt the horror that comes with the impending death of one so loved and reconciled that to the feelings of dread. And my interior horror junkie heart purred in satisfaction.

With this novella, Mr. Pinto is reaching out. A portion of each sale goes to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. This is research we as humans desperately need. Pancreatic cancer is horrible and leaves little room for hope. Patients with pancreatic cancer who have surgery receive only a 5 year survival rate, at 40% so long as the cancer hasn't spread to the lymph nodes. 5 years? 40%? In this day and age, that is all the hope they get... AFTER surgery?

Unacceptable. Buy this book. Make a donation.

It makes a difference, whether you can see it or not.

You know how I always close with Peace & Love?

I ask you instead to give some peace of mind... share some of your love.

It matters.


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