Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coming soon to... well, my blog.

Okay, so this is a blog post about an upcoming blog post.


I'm just giving everyone notice ahead of time that on Halloween, my blog will explode with all sorts of beautiful, creepy, wicked and spooky things. I've been traveling around my home and surrounding areas for about a month and a half now, taking pictures of all the fall foliage, as well as some of the stranger things I've run across, creepy places, odd natural formations that look somber and macabre. I'm just having fun with it.

You, my friends, will have the pleasure of seeing the little things that fascinate me and set my mind on fire. I'll be sharing these pictures with you, as well as some of the funny stories behind them or explanations of what they are etc. on October 31st, 2009--Halloween!

So, keep that in mind and check back on Halloween. It'll be good. (I hope!)

Peace & Love, y'all


  1. Can't wait! We don't really get fall down here, so I'm excited to see your pics.

    Happy autumn!

  2. Happy Autumn right back at you! I love this season most of all and where I am, it's breathtaking.