Saturday, February 20, 2010

Honest Scrap Crap

So, some lovely writer type people, K. Wood and the lovely Mercedes Yardley, have done an "Honest Scrap" [Mercedes] except to K. Wood it was "Honest Crap" [K. Wood] (click for linkage) so I'm jumping in.

So, here are ten true facts about me you didn't know (well, some of you did, but this is for everyone else, not you!)

  1. I'm filled with strange phobias and fears that seem irrational to "normal" people. IE: Drain holes, faucets, looking out a window after dark, standing water, being alone in a kitchen or bathroom and etc.
  2. I've never lost my children in a store or anywhere else for that matter. (A lot of mothers have this scare, yet I never have. I always know where my kids are. I guess all those fears and phobias have a purpose.)
  3. I'm a proud marijuana user. I smoke pot and am not ashamed of it. A true fact about marijuana? It treats over 200 symptoms, more than any man made drug on the market, prescription or otherwise, yet is still said to have no medicinal value. :-\
  4. I quit school in the tenth grade to have my oldest son: I later got my GED and earned the highest score for that year in my county, second highest in the state.
  5. I gave birth to all three of my children before I was twenty. And oddly enough, I might have some problems out of my sons (isn't that why they're sons?), but I never have to worry that my kids will forget their manners in public or at another person's home. My kids are well behaved, even if they do get into mischief on occasion. So much for stereotypes, huh?
  6. I can sing. I know it sounds self-centered and conceited as hell to admit that, and trust me, I had a hard time even typing it, but I actually can. As many musicians as there are in my family, I'd be an outcast if I couldn't. That doesn't mean I'm the greatest thing ever, cause, well... Ha!... but I do okay.
  7. When I speak (especially when I'm angry or excited because I do try to sound human most times), I'm probably one of the biggest hicks you'll ever hear. It's really rather sad.
  8. I love just about every type of music there is with the exception of gospel and new country. I love some old country music, Waylon, Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins... oh yeah. Gimme, gimme baby. Hand me Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood and I'll just hope you got a receipt.
  9. I tend to be old fashioned when it comes to marriage and child rearing, but mostly I just take life as it comes. I make it up as I go along (see number 10 as well.) and so far it's worked out okay for me. Not great, cause if I said my life as great I'd be lying and this is supposed to be honest, but hey... I'm not dead, so that has to count for something.
  10. And lastly, I live my life to make other people happy. I believe that if a person exists, it is their responsibility to help others, even if it's just by giving a momentary smile. I don't have religion, but I have deep core beliefs that I live by. It's these beliefs that make me whole, that make me feel as though I live with a purpose.
And that's ten odd, honest things about me. This next part I stole from Mercedes and K. Wood (without K.'s changes).

Now let’s hear ten things about you! I tag YOU! Post the Honest Scrap picture on your blog and dish your dirt. Be sure to drop a comment here so that I know you’re doing it. I’d love to come and see what you have to say.

Peace & Love, y'all


  1. Very honest answers Effie; enjoyed learning more about you.

    Though if I may ask, what is a "hick"?

  2. A hick? In the USA, a hick is someone who speaks with a deep country accent. Some associate hick with Southern, but it's not as southern as it is uncultured. And kinda hard to explain, now that I think about it.

  3. Long live the hicks! I grew up about as small town as they come, and it's made me a better person.

    This was very cool to read. :)