Friday, March 12, 2010

So. What would you do, buddy?

I love what if situations. You can ask what if till the proverbial cows make their way back to the green pastures of their birth and/or origin. What if is great.

So, there's an idea. A little nugget of something squirming around in the back of thy sacred brain matter and it's half-formed. Half-baked. Still doughy in the middle.

As I said, what if is great. So is "What would you do, buddy?" Want to know why? Cause you're a person. If you ask it of yourself, and of those (family and friends) you know intimately to yourself [assuming you know them well enough to be able to guess what they would do], you can gauge a general concensus of what a normal person may do in that situation you've got going in the back of your head.

That is, you know... if you are indeed normal.

I have a quirky situation in the back of my head that I have no idea what I would do with, or what anyone would do with. It's quite strange, this. It's not a situation I've ever run across, in book, film, or that thing called life.

So. I can be creative with what a person might do with this... situation.

But is it right? That's the question. I could do this all day.

What if, what if.

Sometimes what if's a bitch too.

Peace & Love, y'all


  1. My, my, my... sounds like something is creepin into your ol' noggin my sweet Effster. Makes me wondering what's in your half-baked doughy mind (I did love that so much, nicely worded!)

    However, the term "normal" is coined by people who were too self conscious to think for themselves. Therefore, I think that you could just do what you would do (or what you think you would do in your "situation") and it will all be okay... (see, I'm calling you not normal, but it's in a good way :P)


  2. Thank you Hinny, dear. My doughy mind is fighting me on this because there is no way I would know what to do in this situation. But it'll be damn exciting to find out. :) Yes, indeedy.