Friday, April 30, 2010

Hold me to it!!! P. 1

Okay, you guys. Here's the thing.

I only wrote a little bit this week. A very little bit.

A grand total of 2200 words.

I know, that sucks huh?

I have no defense except that I've been busy as hell. That's all I got, though. I'll make it up next week, I promise. Possibly over the weekend... who knows?

As I sit here, looking at that paltry number and scoff a bit at myself, I want something from you guys. Don't be nice to me. Make fun of my little numbers... kick my ass with words. Seriously. I need it for bringing up such small numbers. It's sad. I deserve to get my ass stomped.

But for now, I'm actually gonna go write some more. Those words will count towards next week.

Till then...

Peace & Love


  1. Lady, 2200 words is NOTHING to scoff at. I'm not going to be mean. Sorry, you've done nothing to provoke me and I need provocation to do it.

    Maybe let go of the pressure of writing more words and it will ease it's way back in with better results. I know that always works for me.

    Or even if you make a little time for yourself over the next week say 45 min every day after the kiddos go to bed and write whatever comes out. Don't worry about being perfect, just write to write. Let the "busy" of the day fall away and get it all out.

    No ass stompin from me. BUT it did help me to start tracking my words. If that's something your interested in let me know. I'll light a fire under your arse for that :D

  2. That's what I'm doing, silly goose. :) I'm jumping on the wc wagon and keeping track with you and the others. It's never worked before... but maybe this time. (I usually balk under this type of thing... I did with the AW weekend report thread... but you never know, right?)

  3. Yeah, 2,200 words is a story. I did less than that two weeks ago. I mean, I may have written more than that, but the way I do it is start with a base number, then work from there. If I delete 500 words, I'm -500. So the next 500 written don't count, so to speak.

    So not much in the positive column that week, only a bit over 1,600, but that still enough to make a story.

    And I'd count blog posts toward your word count, too.

  4. Blog posts, too? Well heck, that would give me a lot more wc there. I'll be sure to count that in next week.

    I'm trying to... make my stories longer. My creative brain is screaming that I'm using "more than what you need to tell the story", but I'm trying to get my short stories to at least 3k words. I know I leave out too much detail in almost all of my stories, but adding it in makes the minimalist-ish person in me screeching in fury. But I'm working at it.

  5. just don't put too much pressure on yourself. :D

  6. In strolls Drill Sergeant Damien. Drop and give me 5k! Now! :)

    On a serious note, 2k is no small feat, especially if you've been busy. Good luck with the short stories, but I second Hinny; don't smack yourself around. If the stories want to be 1 or 2k, let them.