Monday, July 19, 2010


So, I hate summer time. I know it sounds awful, but I do. It's so damned hot. Give me spring or fall, but keep your fucking summer. I don't want it.

I find myself very irritable lately, and with that comes this feel of dripping, nasty sarcasm in my writings. I don't like the tone, so I'm not getting very much done, production wise. Not many words get kept. I can't even manage to keep that tone out of a shared project between me and another writer. And it is completely unsuited for that particular work. So, little worth keeping in the last two - four weeks.

So, why am I irritable? I dunno. Worries, commitments [familial and otherwise], stress. It's nothing out of the norm. If you've followed my blog for a while, you might remember me talking about the long silences.

This is the long silence.

I've written only two or three new stories since The beginning of July, which isn't a lot for me. I'm usually more prolific. I've gotten some work done on the "Sister" project, but that's slow moving. Rewrites are, from what I hear.

Mostly though, it's my kids. It's not that they're bad kids, because they aren't. They're just normal kids. But they're home all the time and that means distractions. Distractions and writing don't mix well.

Especially those distractions that come in the form of: "Mom! Come and look, it's so frigging cool. I just chopped a snake in half and it's still trying to bite me! And there are baby ones crawling out of the bottom half. Bro, grab that shovel and kill those little fuc... uhh... I mean... boogers."

Oh yes, that happened.

Now, I'm a country kinda chick and have no problems with snakes if they are minding their own business. But my children and snakes that are still trying to bite? Oh but no. Nope, no way, not happening. I live 30 minutes from the nearest hospital. I'd have a dead kid if one of them got bitten by something like a copper head or a cotton mouth moccasin.

Anyhow, summer is moving along and trying to work itself to fall. I'll be ready for the cooler temperatures, and my kids are already ready to go back to school (although they would never admit it). They miss their friends that they don't get to see and what not.


  1. What kind of snake was it? I was messing with a copperhead once down in Arkansas, before I knew what the fuck a copperhead was. Haha. And it was a baby, which apparently would have killed me much quicker had it bit me.

    Ah, there were a few of those Dumb Yankee moments. Haha.

    Anyway, I still haven't finished your story. Lame, I know. I'm about halfway through part three. I will finish it, though, and comment. =)

  2. Hot? Come see me in Phoenix. 110 is a cool day, and that thing about it being a dry heat...HAH! Humidity is up, heat is up. Riding my bike is like facing a giant air hand drier (you know, the thing you use when the paper towels are gone). A/C is a matter of survival here. There is nothing to block the sun from the ground so the water pipes heat up. We have hot and hotter running water. There is no such thing as a cold shower.

    I almost had a conflict with a young diamondback last year. I was checking my fruit trees and stepped right beside him. Fortunately he wasn't in a bitin' mood. I'm 30 minutes from treatment too, so yeah, it could have been ugly. Time to call a helicopter.

    West VA is beautiful. I miss trees. I'd gladly tolerate the snakes and heat just to stand in the woods again. Regrets regrets regrets...

  3. Ken, that story is a big one. I know you have oodles of stuff going on, so take your time. It'll still be there.

    As for the snake, it was a little rat snake... not poisonous but when they kids mentioned it trying to bite I was more than scared. I think I would have pissed my pants had I not just gone to the potty minutes before. Copperhead babies are far more poisonous than adults, so yeah... you'd have been meat in minutes. Scary thought dude.

    JJ, you can have Phoenix. :D I love WV. It's gorgeous here, but this summer is the hottest I've seen in a long time. I'm positively dying!

    Rattlers are evil little cusses. Mean damn snakes.

  4. I don't want Phoenix. :(

    I used to live in VA. WV was a regular weekend destination. I know well how pretty it is. More than once I've considered settling in her mountains. I might yet.

    I hope you don't end up positively dead. Stay cool. ;)

  5. I nominate you strange and unusual! pop over to my blog to get yer award, love!!