Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I've had a couple of people tell me "you really shouldn't say this or that on your blog in that way" for different reasons. To that, I say...

I am who I am and I will not pander to anyone for anything. I like me, for the most part. I'm not hard to get along with, I'm not snide or rude. I'm sarcastic and firm in my opinions, but that doesn't mean I feel others should see only my side. I'm comfortable with the fact that some people will not agree with me.

One comment here on my blog, said by a friend with only my best interest at heart, said I shouldn't say something because it might make me seem hard to work with. Well, I'm not hard to work with if people are reasonable. And talking about a personal thing (not even with someone in the writing field as it were) that bothered me, and would bother anyone in that situation, shouldn't effect how an editor or publisher should see me. If that one, tiny bit out of everything else on here is a deal breaker, then so be it.

I am who I am.

Why must we pander to others to be considered easy going? I am a passionate person by nature and can't help my own sense of self from coming through if one gets to know me. I don't--and won't--revise myself to make others see me as what they want. My personality is set in stone. Sorry.

So here's the question. Do we, as people, feel so much that approval means success that we have become a lying bunch of pseudo-selves to gain what? Money? Who needs money, really? There's nothing in this world we can't do without, except food and water--and really, if we weren't such a big bunch of pussies, we could get those without the assistance of modern convenience. What are we so afraid of? That this one, or that one won't "approve"?

Fuh-uuh-uh-uuck that.

Does that make me hard to get along with? No.

Does it make me a better person? I'd like to think so. Especially when people think you have to be "this" way to make sure your ass doesn't end up in a sling.

But, but... Daddy! The sling is just so much fun!!!

Peace & Love, y'all


  1. I completely agree. I'm not as brave as I should be, though. I've deleted entire blogs in the past out of fear of "How does this make me look..."

    That's the problem with the internet. Nothing's hidden...then again, grown men and women in the business have got to understand how you felt way back when isn't necessarily how you feel now.

    And I had an editor say to me once that they'd love to work with me, so what puts some people off will attract others. As long as you're yourself, that should be enough for any reasonable person.

  2. Funny how the internet used to be synonymous with anonymity. Now it's the go-to for any and all e-formation. While I do agree that there are certain things one shouldn't say on one's writing blog to make a positive impression on a prospective agent, you shouldn't have to change the way you act to play it safe. Sure, posting agent names and ripping their subjective rejections of you apart for the masses is probably a no-no, but I don't see any reason to act like Little Miss Sunshine if you're usually Miss Snark.

    Don't go changin'!

  3. Nice post, and I agree wholeheartedly, Effie. :-)


  4. Naming names just isn't in good taste. With no names mentioned, things are a lot safer. This is a fact. But, censuring myself for the pleasure of others is out. I will be tactful. I will not be rude or name names. But I will say what is on my mind.

    Scarlett... I honestly think you are one of the funniest, most level-headed people I've encountered on the internet. Your opinions are refreshing because they do ring true. A little honesty never hurt anyone. :)

    Tere, you said it right there. Names should never be mentioned, of course. That just goes back to upbringing and knowing how to be tactful. Something too many people fail to understand.

    Hi Adam! I knew you'd agree. ;)

  5. Oh dear, if you think I'm level-headed there's something seriously wrong with the universe...