Saturday, September 5, 2009

Incredibly incredible credibles and other nonsense

So, this is a fly by the seat of my pants post. I have no idea where it's going or what I'm going to say. You have been warned.

First, my poem "Addicted" is up at Short Story Library. Stop by, take a read.... subscribe to the journal. There's some good fiction and poetry on that site. You're missing out if you don't go take a look-see.

Second, my son will be celebrating his tenth birthday this month. Ten years, the boy has been alive. It doesn't seem like it at all. I can't believe that this tall, manly thing wandering around my house is the tiny baby I brought home. It's amazing, seeing your children grow up. Mine are growing too fast. I need a ton of bricks to put on their heads... slow 'em down a bit.

Maturity in children has gotten me thinking. When do we, as parents, need to stop and say 'You're still a kid'. My oldest boy is obsessed with girls and cooking (he likes to cook). My kids have been cooking for a long time. I'll not have sons who need a woman to do their cooking for them. Anyway, the point is, with all the forward movement in society, when is it time to stop and just let kids be kids? I'm always talking to them about how it's my responsibility to prepare them for the future, but it begs the question.

When is the right time to let the future take care of itself and just let the kids be? I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that.

Being a horror writer with children is so funny. My kids are always asking me to read them something I wrote. And most times, there's nothing I *can* read to them. I don't write your grandfather's horror story. My work is graphic--not blood and guts, but truly fear inspiring (Well, what's the point in being a writer if you can't admit what you are good at?). My kids being interested in what I do is wonderful, I just wish I could share more of it.

However, it pains me to see that when I do find something they can read, something that isn't mine but is age appropriate, they aren't interested. I love to read--I'd read anything you put in front of me, good, bad and ugly. My kids don't share this love of the written word, though and it bothers me. How can I get my kids to read? I've tried assigning them daily reading, which doesn't work. I've tried buying them books in subjects they show interest in. Still, nothing. In the age of images, words are just boring. This is sad. There are so many worlds to be explored. And a writer whose children don't like to read? Talk about a horror story...

Getting your child to read isn't as easy as it sounds. With movies and video games, not to mention texting and IM's, Myspace and all the rest, how are kids supposed to want to read books? Maybe if I sent it to them page by page as a text message...

Well, that's about it for now. I can't think of anything else, so for now....

Peace & Love, y'all


  1. interesting outside in perspective.. when I was 11, 12, not much older than your oldest.. I had to sneak in my *inappropriate material*, horror novels, comics, etc, yes porn!... my mother was a nosy woman and periodically searched my room for things...

  2. My kids have their privacy, to an extent. My oldest boy read S. King's "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" not too long ago, but that's it. I won't go searching his room... yet. ;)

  3. Wow. I loved reading since I was very young. You're right---it does seem more difficult to foster a love for reading in this technological age.

    But---it can happen. Just take them to a bookstore and see if they pick something out. When they see all those other folks excited about reading, it may rub off. Who knows? :-D