Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hold me to it Pt. 6

This week's word count is good stuff, people.

The grand total is 4011 words on various short stories. I've done no work on the novel rewrite, but there are reasons for that. Real life sometimes only leaves so much room for writing time.

I did have a poem accepted for publication though, so that's something.

I have not been setting goals for this and I think that's best. I do well with a deadline, but not a self-set deadline. But, knowing I have to have word count every week to report to my followers is enough of a goal.

So, that's it. Till next time.

Peace & Love


  1. Keep it up hon! RL is a bitch with sharp nails sometimes, and she likes to dig her claws in deeply. It's great you're plugging away despite it all!

    Brownies and Bears.