Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spotlight Weird: Necrotic Tissue

Necrotic Tissue: Issue 10: 04/2010.

Cover work is something that can grab you as you pass it by on the shelf. Strategically placed, the cover of a novel, or a magazine, can make you stop, pick it up, browse. Maybe buy.

Necrotic Tissue (clickable) has stellar cover art, they have stellar stories, they are, to be frank, an awesome magazine. Sadly, you might not find them on your local store's shelves... but that is what reviews are for. We get to pow-wow about these little gems you have to hunt.

Basically put, editor R. S. McCoy knows good horror. The stories chosen for each issue have a depth that many writers (including this one) hope to have in their work.

There's only one true downside to this magazine, and that's the advertising. But, they have to be able to pay their writers semi-pro and pro rates (pay scale differs for type of short stories see their submission guidelines, found on the site linked above, for details). The stories contained in each issue are worth that, so I don't mind scanning the ads while I thumb through for stories.

One thing I love about a printed magazine is the feel of the page. I don't know why, but I love the paper Necrotic Tissue uses to print on. It has substance and a certain feel to it.

Another thing I love about this magazine is their 100 word "bites" - little stories that are really just a glimpse that tells it all. In issue 10, I'd recommend the one entitled "Express Checkout Lane" by Bob Eccles. If you don't laugh, you're insane. So it is written and blah blah.

Pick up a copy of Necrotic Tissue from their site. It might cost you a bit more than some of the other magazines I've talked about so far, but I somehow don't think you'll mind.

Oh, and since you're here and all...

I have a poem out with SNM Horror Magazine's Dark Poetry section. Go and read Brothel of Wicked Fantasy (clickable) by me.

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  1. There's nothing like an evening of putrid, hanging flesh.

    So Effie, when are you going to put up a real picture of yourself...you know the one with the fangs and open wounds. :P

  2. LOL... what is it with all these guys thinking I'm some sort of freak? Some one said the exact same thing on FaceBook a few weeks ago. I swear, I've no fangs or open wounds. I'm just a normal mom... well, maybe not "normal" but I am at least human.

  3. It's your preferred reading material, Ef. Your picture is all sweet friendly cuteness like a basket of kittens, but you seem to enjoy dead hanging flesh, walking corpses and diseased bodies and such more like a cauldron of gargoyles...so naturally we are suspicious of your profile picture. :)

    Maybe some black mascara with some shadows and contrast?

    You are the real life classic example of Marilyn Munster. :)

    Oh wow, I just realized...you could be related to Barnabas Collins. Well that would explain everything. :P

  4. LMAO!!! That's hilarious. My piccie is me through and through--that's how I always look. I'm not a goth girl or anything--and I rarely wear mascara... I have great lashes as it is. Sorry... whatcha see is whatcha get.

    Doesn't mean I can't like sloughing off skin o' corpse, or other such things... in reading.

    And you know... someone asked me once why I didn't try to use Barnabus Collins as my pen name. Well... cause that's taken by a character... and I'm a girl.

  5. Okay...blood sucking kittens. We can handle that.

    You're like Fluffula...fuzzball by day, death by night. Very ghoulish.

    That actually has story potential. :)