Sunday, February 27, 2011

And so... It Begins

Hello everyone.

Some of you might know a little bit about a website called Absolute Write Water Cooler. I may have mentioned it from time to time.

Over there, I hang out, of course, in the horror section. We call ourselves the horror hounds. Last year, I hosted a writing contest for short stories to celebrate my moldy group of friends. The Horror Hounds Celebration and Contest! See, we love horror, love writing it, love reading it. What's not to celebrate? It was a great bit of fun.

Well, guess what? It is time again. I am hosting another contest on Absolute Write in the Horror Section. Rules, theme and criteria will be posted tomorrow in that very horror section. If you are not a member, don't worry. You'll have plenty of time to register at the site and start getting to know the other writers who will be participating before the deadline is up. Because yes, membership of the forum is required.

See, this year.... we aren't focusing on short stories. Short story contests abound. I think a little variety is in order, don't you? Details will be posted on AW in the horror section tomorrow, I promise.

We have some wonderful prizes already lined up and I am working on more. Like I said before... we have time.

This year, also, the contest entries will be judged by a panel. I have two of the three needed lined up. So, if anyone is interested in judging you may contact me through the Absolute Write forums (My username there is EFCollins). Again... you have to be a member and I would prefer to have someone with some experience behind them in writing. I'm hosting so I am not on the panel of judges. Stories will be judged anonymously, just like last year.

Get your pens and pencils and laptops ready people. The fun is about to start.

Peace & Love,


  1. My, my, my, you do know how to entice people, my loverly.

    It's been a while since I was as AW... hmm... must ponder the possibilities... Oh and I'd love to be a judge, just not sure of what my time constraints are going to be in the upcoming future.

  2. You know hon... you're more than welcome to come back. AW is just one of those places. Last year's prizes were well over pro rate and though there is no publication prize, how sweet is it to get free stuff, free money AND get to keep your story to sell elsewhere?

  3. You know I am in hon. I just need to dust off my AW membership and hop on there.

  4. I may need to free a chunk of time from my schedule, but I'll take any excuse to write something in the genre. :)

  5. Trust me, you should have plenty of time. :)

  6. LOL, I know, hon. I have been contemplating coming back for a while. I just have to grab one of these strings that are flapping around my head...just ONE! And then I'll be able to go ahead and start getting back to the things I love. :D

  7. Very intriguing Effie. Look forward to reading the details.

    I would offer to judge but am somewhat all judged out after the February Femmes Fatales showcase at The Feardom!

  8. That's okay Lily. Guidelines have been posted over at AW, and here linked here on the blog in another post. Look forward to seeing your entry.