Monday, February 28, 2011

Guidelines posted for the Hounds Contest and.... of course, the ST contest too!

I have posted the guidelines for the Horror Hounds Contest and Celebration. Enjoy. We have all the judges now, so writers... get your pens and notepads out!

Now... If you read my blog, you probably have heard about Shock Totem a time or two. Or ten. Or a hundred.

The March Shock Totem Bimonthly Flash Fiction Contest is here again! Sign up for that is here.

There's no reason you can't do both... the Horror Hounds contest is a months long venture this year, so don't forget my buddies at Shock Totem. Their contests are too awesome to miss.

PLEASE! Be SURE you read ALL the guidelines.

Peace & Love


  1. Nice! You're so good to everyone, Ellen! {{hugs to you lady!}}

    Good luck with the contests, the judings and keeping up with the kardashian's (if you like that kind of thing)

  2. (Looks around, as if in thought)

    Huh...I think I might have something that could be resurrected and edited up for this contest...

  3. Kara, my dahling, no. No. No Kardashians. I... just no. Can we say ick? Yes, yes we can. But thank you love. I enjoy doing this sort of thing - and it's good for writers to push themselves in all formats, you know? Flash and novella readers are rising. These kinds of contests help us learn how to improve those areas because short story and novel contests abound. Shock Totem has fantastic bimonthly contests for flash and it's an excellent resource for writers to compete and brush up their skills with formats that have, up until now, been less popular. Thanks for supporting hon. And if you decide to take part in either of them, good luck.

    Barry, as long as it fits with the theme (for the horror hounds contest; Shock Totem's contest has a specific prompt so you have to write fresh for that one), feel free! Good luck on either one. :)