Monday, May 31, 2010


No Spotlight Weird Today, people, that will be tomorrow, featuring Necrotic Tissue. Check back then.

As most of us know, we in the U.S. are having a holiday today; Memorial Day. For those that have died fighting for the U.S. in wars spanning centuries. We honor our dead; for they truly are ours and we are proud.

Though many members of my family are and have been military, there have been none lost and I am grateful for that. I am grateful to those who have borne that grief, while still devastated that they had to do so. My family is fortunate, and I am grateful.

Illi quisnam intereo, nos gratias ago vos. Nos memor.


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  1. I always get emotional around Memorial Day as well. I've never lost anyone to any war. But so many have. We went to our Parade today and the Veterans were marching from many different branches of the military. It welled my heart to see them still standing, proud and strong no matter what age they were.

    Nice post hon.