Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cordless Dummies

Ever notice how things without cord stop working more often than their corded counterparts? I have.

Power drill? The cordless stopped working about 8 months after I got it.

The corded power drill my father bought when I was a kid still works. That thing is over 20 years old!


Know how many cordless phones I have replaced? About 8.

I still have the same corded phone I got when I had the phone put in.

Electric razors. My brother goes through the cordless versions often enough that my sister and I both get him one every Christmas.

I bought him one with a cord three years ago.

He still uses it.

I could go on.

But... you get the point.

Peace & Love


  1. Cords are also fun to tie people up with Effie.

  2. I have replaced my Rabbit like 27 times! It's fucking ridiculous.

  3. So true, Effie. Frickin' wireless crap. Not much beats old-fashioned electricity.

  4. But I'm so thankful for cordless yardtools. I cut through the cord of my hedge trimmers more times than I care to mention.

    There is a story in here, Effie...somewhere...the corded baby has super powers....or maybe the corded man never deflates...I don't know...but it's buzzing in there somewhere.

  5. Batteries only have so many charges before the chemicals collapse. An Iphone, about 500. If you plug it in every night you will need a new battery in 18 to 24 months depending on how much it charges each night.

    Also most people don't read the care instructions on their batteries. Some, (lithium Ion for one, I think) if you don't let it drain completely and then charge completely you will develop a memory block and then it's days are cut about in half.

    The device is fine, power is just limited. Change the battery.

    Cords are cheaper.

  6. LOL @ JJ. I know to check the batteries before throwing out a cordless item! I may be silly at times, but never that silly.

    @Paula: Hehe! There really is a story in there, huh? I love it when I'm not the only person that sees a story in damn near everything.

    @Lee: You're right about that. I've replaced enough cordless devices to bring a few small third-world countries up to speed in technology, but my Dad's old corded power drill is still going strong. *shakes head* It's amazing.

    @Ke: It's crazy, ain't it? (Yes, her hickified-ness shows up every so often.)

    @Kara.... this is why I love you so, my dear. I swear I'd marry you (just cause you're awesome) if it were legal. And... y'know... you were into that kinda thing. ;)