Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Things About a Note from the Teacher

So, no blog post yesterday, so you get the extra one on Tuesday and this one too. I think scheduling blog time helps keep me posting regularly. I always work better with a deadline. I was just very worn yesterday and I was a bit busy too. Hence, today's post.

So anyway, my daughter, who is eight-going-on-nine as she makes sure I know every time age is a topic of discussion (as if I had forgotten somehow when exactly it was I gave birth to her), and who is also in the third grade, has received a funny note from her teacher.

Being in third grade is apparently a big deal. This is the grade where cursive writing is required for all school-work. Cursive, my daughter mastered quickly. She writes with a very fine hand that is much better than mine is now. In time, her penmanship will be beautiful. (I love hand written things and pretty writing is so nice to see. You can tell a lot about a person by their handwriting.)

However, my daughter's handwriting is very small. Not tiny, you don't need a magnifying glass to see it. I can read it just fine. I might have to put my glasses on. Sometimes, I don't even have to.

The other day, in my daughter's backpack, attached to one of her spelling tests, was a little post it note. The test had quite a few answers marked as missed and the teacher had spelled the word out correctly beside it. The original grade was an F. Needless to say, the note got stickied to the table while I looked at the strangely graded spelling test. Some (not all) of the wrong answers had been marked through and counted correct, bringing her grade up to a nice, comfortable D.

Now what gets me, is the child can spell... verbally. But when she writes words out, sometimes she spells them phonetically. We're working on that aspect and she's picking it up slowly. I hate the phonetic system the schools use.

Anyway (see how I ramble? I apologize.), daughter and I talk a while about the D and how she can improve. We go through the words, she spells them to me and then writes them out a few times each. We've gotten reading down to an art, much like her penmanship, and now spelling is suffering.

While daughter is writing, I read the sticky note.


You must write a little larger. I can't see this. Old Teacher!! (this was underlined) If it would be better - you may print!

After months of having answers counted wrong if printed (encouraging the use of cursive, in other words), this struck me very funny. My poor kid.

I told her she needed to write her words slightly bigger and she laughed. I asked what was funny.

She said, very good naturedly and without even a hint of temper at having gotten a bad grade for writing too small: "Mom, I DID write bigger for that test. Mrs. Such and such is just blind!"

Oh my darling child. I love her so.

Peace & Love


  1. Don't you just love the honesty kids use?

  2. LOL! That's great. Love the ending!

  3. I do, Shadow. A child's honesty is so refreshing when you (general you) see a massive amount of pandering and flattery and just general falseness in almost any adult. My kids are very funny. And more honest than tactful, too. ;)

    Lee, my kid is a card. You have no idea. She's spunky and sassy and girly, not afraid to speak her mind... or climb a tree to heart-stopping heights. She might scream for her brother to come get her down (Mama don't do heights, honey chil') but by golly, she'll climb that sap sucker.

    I love my kids, man. They're frigging great.

  4. What a good sport she is hon.

    Teacher's are sometimes to blame as well. Good luck to daughter. I think that we need to listen to our teachers, but our kids as well... how confusing for a kid to hear though...

    What works for my son is that we write out his words twice, before each test. That helps with his spelling.

    best of luck to her sweets.

    (You can also tell a lot about a person from what kind of underwear they use...)I'm just saying. :D

  5. But Hinny... what if they DON'T wear undies? What does that say about them???

  6. They are free spirits, unconstrained and unhinged from the "cloth" that binds the rest of humanity... *shrugs* you asked :P