Friday, May 14, 2010

Hold Me To It!! Pt. 3

So, this week was pretty productive. I finished my short stories from last week, totaling 3600 words. Wrote an entirely new short story for another 1500 words. And started another with about 800 words in on it. Not a bad week. Could be better. No new poetry this week.

So, now I'm pondering starting the rewrite on my novella. I'm turning it into a novel, as it's almost a novel anyhow, and I think it will be a good one. I don't know if I'll do it yet or wait some more, but I think the time has come. I've procrastinated for far too long.

See the thing about it is, it's been my inbetween things project. I'd work on it between working on other stuff. Which means the skill level throughout is varied greatly. Thus, a total rewrite is in order. Same characters, same story... back to the original antagonist I chickened out on, changing some stuff and bringing it up to speed with my writing ability now, as compared to years ago.

But anyway. That's it for this week. Until next time...

Peace & Love


  1. Congrats on the recent forward thrust, Effie! Keep up the great work and I'll hold you to the rewrite/expansion of your novella! Get to work, girl! :-}

  2. YAY Effie!!! *brings out the leather and high heeled boots in celebration*

    Great work lady-girl-sweets. Keep up the fabulous writing! Good luck with the novella if you decide to do it. Anything to keep you going right? It won't be as hard as you think it will be. :D

  3. Christ! That's a lot of stuff!I'm over 14,000 words for May, and I have one story to show for it. A story, mind you, that started LAST month!

    Something tells me I do a hell of a lot of editing. Haha.

    Awesome for you, though. Keep rockin' it!

  4. Thank ya thank ya. The thing about it is, my stories are very... very... very sparse. I write about as minimalist as possible. I don't try to do it, that's just how it works. Then, I almost always have to fatten things up and it takes forever. Because to me, the story's good (not as in quality good, but good as in has what it needs). To be honest, I write more crap stories than good... but the good ones are really, really good.

    Plus, you know, I don't work a day job or run a magazine, Ken. ;) I have lots of time during the week when the spawn are at school.

    Different writers work different ways. Some slave over a single, spectacular story for weeks. Some churn 'em out like they're coming off an assembly line. I can write three or four short stories a day, if I want to. But they're usually crappy. And I've been writing since I was a kid, so it's like second nature. If I ain't writing, I ain't living LOL. I'm very passionate about it.

  5. Okay Effie, let me tell you just a bit of something I discovered.

    I work with beads, but when I started they were very minimalistic. I mean that my stuff was bare bones just strings and threads. It needed more, but I felt they were good enough.
    Then I found fringe, you know that hangy stuff that swings and adds a fullness and dimension. Now I I sometimes have to limit myself.

    Writing is like that. It's okay to start with just the bare bones but then you will discover the things you need to add to make your work better.

    Don't worry about it right now, you'll find it.