Monday, May 10, 2010

Spotlight Weird: Horror Bound Magazine

This week in the weirdest spotlight, we're going to talk about Horror Bound Magazine (clickable). Horror Bound publishes fiction online of, well... you know what kind. Horror, dark fantasy, and the like.

Some very interesting tales to be found on this little site. Lots of horrifying eye candy for those of us who love the strange and scary. I enjoy this online mag very much.

Issue 12 features such authors as Paul Kane, Michael Robertson, John Prescott, Ray Prew and several others. I must say that this issue gave me quite a few of my favorite moments. You know the ones I mean. Stomach churning, palms sweating. You should go read a few for yourself. Ray Prew's "LET ME OUT" is a good spot to start if you've ever been queasy in the elevator. Just sayin'.

As well as some nice uneasy moments, there is, of course, opportunity at Horror Bound Magazine. A call for submissions for their new anthology can be found here (clickable) as well as their normal submissions guidelines here (clickable). Go check them out if you're a writer of the darkly.

And if you're a reader... go check them out too. You may be sorry. But you may not. I think not.

Peace & Love


  1. Nice spotlight piece sweets.

    Miss you! Can't wait to check out the goods over at the magazine. Thanks!!

  2. Man, I forgot my second ever sale was to Horror Bound for my story "The In-between." Needs to adds it to mys list of credits. (sorry I'm drunk.) Cool post, Effie!

  3. Well, cool, more things to read.

    I like this spotlight idea of yours, Effy. Very inspired.

  4. Thanks Hinny, Lee and Boston. I'm having fun with Spotlight Weird.

  5. thank you for mentioning my story let me out. I am honored. more storys are comeing

    Ray Prew

  6. This was where my first fiction story was published (Issue #9), it really is a great publication.